Helpful Exercise for Painting Male Portraits

You don’t need to make millions of dollars with your paintings to be a talented and skilled painter. Whether you are or not, there are certain aspects of the human form that are particularly challenging. Rendering hands might be the best example. But if you’re more accustomed to drawing or painting women’s faces, male faces might be tough.

Fortunately, there are great YouTube advice channels like Paint Coach to help.

Video Source

Check out his video entitled, This Portrait Painting Exercise Will Make You Better. In it, the paint coach offers some excellent tips that will help get your portraits closer to the level you expect.

Helpful Exercise for Painting Male Portraits
While the fe male figure is typified by its curves, the male figure tends to be much more angular. Indeed, thinking in terms of angles is a great way to start if you’re new to painting men.

In his video, Paint Coach starts by recommending that the beginning of a portrait painting should be about creating the overall shape of the face. Here, details aren’t important. He says you should think of the head as if it was a featureless mass with no details.

Just try to create a “masculine,” yet featureless, head. This one exercise will make a huge difference! Be sure to watch the video for more.

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