Hosting an Outdoor Community Theatre Production? Here’s What You’ll Need for Guests

There are a lot of things you will need for an outdoor theater production. Check out this video to learn more about getting the stage ready, too!

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One such concern is to look at porta potty rental in Merced, CA. This is a necessity so that people have access to this basic need despite the fact that they are outdoors when they are viewing this theater production. When you focus on renting the portable toilets you need, you can put yourself in a better position as far as getting the portable toilets that you need at this time. Be sure to work with a reputable company that offers high-quality porta potties!

What is set up for your audience is something that can make a major impact on their ability to enjoy something outdoors in their local area. If that is the kind of thing that you want to become known for, then you need to prepare for the fact that you will have to supply portable toilets as well as hand washing stations.

On top of these key facilities to keep guests clean, be sure to have a booth with water and light snacks as well as a tent with comfortable seating in the event a guest needs a break from the sun!


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